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Nagidos, Type X.1
Type X.1
Denomination: AR Stater
Obverse: Helmeted Athena seated left and wearing chiton, leaning right hand on spear, left arm resting on shield on the ground; in right field, olive tree.
Reverse: Bearded Dionysos dressed in a long robe, standing right, holding grape bunch on vine in extended left hand, thyrsos in right; in left field, retrograte [NA]ΓIΔEΩ; in lower right field, horizontal N; in upper right field, epigraphic shape of letter Zeta (𐤆); countermark: bull standing right, shield above, all within incuse rectangle.
References: SNG France 2, 42
Credit: The Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Gallica, Identifier: ark:/12148/btv1b8532858q
Remarks: (1) This obverse is found on staters from Tarsos and Mallos, see e.g. SNG France 2, 237 (Tarsos, ca. 370 BC) and SNG France 2, 403 (Mallos, ca. 350-333). The reverse corresponds to the mirror-inverted Type 2.5a-b, but with a different control mark in upper right field. Lederer 1931, p.198 ff. (Group VI), dates these coins to the period ca. 370-365 BC. The obverse thus probably copies the coins from Tarsos and this strange coin was probably struck in the 360s BC. SNG France 2 describes the style of this coin as barbaric. It is very likely a contemporary imitation.
(2) For another obverse/reverse hybrid combination, see Kelenderis, Type X.1.


Nagidos, Type X.2
Type X.2
Denomination: AR Obol
Obverse: Baal seated on the throne left, holding lotus-tipped sceptre; linear circle border.
Reverse: Head of Aphrodite to left, wearing stephane, earring and necklace.
References: SNG France 2, 442; several specimens on the market, e.g. Leu Numismatik, Web Auction 9 (7 September 2019), Lot 429 (acsearch.info URL)
Credit: Leu Numismatik (see the reference above)
Remark: This type shows similarity to Type 4.12, but its attribution to Nagidos is uncertain.


Nagidos, Type X.3
Type X.3
Denomination: AR Obol
Obverse: Helmeted and bearded head of warrior (Ares ?) right; dotted border.
Reverse: Head of Aphrodite right, hair in sphendone, necklace on the neck; dotted border.
References: Roma Numismatics Limited, E-Sale 116 (18 January 2024), Lot 315 (acsearch.info URL); Roma Numismatics Limited, E-Sale 110 (3 August 2023), Lot 520 (acsearch.info URL); Classical Numismatic Group, Electronic Auction 553 (3 January 2024), Lot 116 (acsearch.info URL)
Credit: Roma Numismatics Limited (E-Sale 116, see the reference above)
Remark: The depiction of Aphrodite’s head on the reverse corresponds to how Aphrodite was depicted on silver fractions minted in Nagidos, and the absence of the city ethnic is also not unusual on Nagidos silver fractions, see Section Silver fractions. The combination of Aphrodite with the helmeted and bearded head of a warrior (probably Ares) is also found on the Nagidos coins, see Type 2.1. On the other hand, Aphrodite is always on the obverse of the Nagidos coins, while she is apparently on the reverse on all cited specimens of these obols. The assignment of these obols to Nagidos is therefore not entirely certain.


Nagidos, Type X.4
Type X.4
Denomination: AR Hemiobol
Obverse: Bearded head of Dionysos (?) right; linear border.
Reverse: Head of Aphrodite (?) right.
References: Forum Ancient Coins, Fixed Price List (Forum Ancient Coins URL; accessed 7 October 2023)
Credit: Forum Ancient Coins
Remark: The identification of the deities is uncertain. The linear border does not occur on other Nagidos silver coins, but is present on some bronze coins of Type 5.1c (see e.g. Savoca Coins, 133rd Silver Auction, Lot 109).


Nagidos, Type X.5
Type X.5
Denomination: AR Hemiobol
Obverse: Sea turtle.
Reverse: Astragalos within incuse square.
References: SNG Levante Supp., 8; Nomos AG, Auction 26 (21 May 2023), Lot 502 (acsearch.info URL); Classical Numismatic Group, Auction 88 (14 September 2011), Lot 437 (acsearch.info URL)
Credit: Nomos AG (see the reference above)

SNG Levante Supp. attributes this type to Nagidos. This attribution is uncertain as there are obols with a turtle on the obverse and a male face and the inscription MAP on the reverse which can undoubtedly be attributed to Mallos. See, for example, Classical Numismatic Group, Auction 90 (23 May 2012), Lot 643 (acsearch.info URL).

There are also two other anepigraphic coin types with a turtle on the obverse that are usually attributed to Mallos:

Turtle / forepart of man-headed bull, AR obol. For example, H. D. Rauch GmbH, Auction 96 (10 December 2014), Lot 107 (acsearch.info URL).

Turtle / swan, AR hemiobol. For example, SNG Levante, 168 (the swan mistakenly described as a lotus flower) = Classical Numismatic Group, Mail Bid Sale 66 (19 May 2004), Lot 560 (acsearch.info URL).


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