Coin Corpus

The purpose of this coin corpus is to provide representative data samples for weight and die-link analyses, not a database of all known specimens. Therefore, with the exception of rare types and variants, the presented datasets do not include coins that are excessively worn, excessively corroded, incomplete (i.e. with a missing broken off part), of unknown weight or, in the case of silver fractions, with weights reported only in tenths of a gram. Individual mints and stages of their coin production are gradually being added, and existing data sets are gradually being increased.

Explanatory notes to presented data tables:

  • Within each coin type, or within each variant of each coin type, the coins are arranged in ascending order of weight.
  • If a variant cannot be safely identified for a coin within the relevant type, the dash ‘–’ is given instead of the letter indicating the variant.
  • If a coin is listed in multiple sources, the weight from the most recent source is presented here.