Reflections of Antiquity in Modern Poetry

A small selection of poems.


Charles Bryant
A Day’s Riding
Constantine Petrou Cavafy
The Horses of Achilles, Thermopylae, Priest at the Serapeion, “The Rest I Will Tell to Those Down in Hades”, Athena’s Vote
Peter Curman
The Charioteer of Delphi
Andrew Davis
A krater: Achilles and Ajax playing backgammon
Robert Frost
Pan with Us
Samuel John Hazo
Poseidon and Others
John Keats
Ode on a Grecian Urn, On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer, To Homer
David Herbert Lawrence
The Argonauts, The Greeks Are Coming!, Bavarian Gentians
Lorentzos Mavilis
Angelos Sikelianos
Anadyomenê (Aphrodite Rising), Calypso’s Song, On Acrocorinth, The Horses of Achilles, Frieze