Coin Catalogue

This catalogue represents an attempt to map the coinage of Cilicia Trachea in the pre-Hellenistic period. The coin classification is based both on information in published works and catalogues and on my own reflections and observations. The catalogue is not definitive, but is constantly evolving as new studies and new types and variants of coins appear. I am grateful for pointing out errors and omissions, as well as any relevant information.

For each coin type, there is a “Detail” button, clicking on which expands a table with a description of the given type and other information. Photographs are included where possible. For some types or variants there are no photographs available, in which case the information is given only in text form.

In addition to the coins cited in the catalogue, other examples of individual coin types and variants can be found in the section Coin Corpus. For information on weight distribution of individual coin types, see the section Weight Analyses.