Bronze coins


Kelenderis, Type 7.1
Type 7.1
Denomination: AE Unit
Obverse: Gorgoneion facing.
Reverse: Forepart of goat kneeling to right, head turned back to left.
References: Numismatik Naumann, Auction 69 (2 September 2018), Lot 170 ( URL)
Credit: Numismatik Naumann (see the reference above)


Kelenderis, Type 7.2
Type 7.2
Denomination: AE Unit
Obverse: Gorgoneion facing.
Reverse: Male goat kneeling to left, head turned back to right; all within circular incuse.
References: N&N London Ltd, Green Auction X (5 June 2023), Lot 116 ( URL)
Credit: N&N London Ltd (see the reference above)


Kelenderis, Type 7.3a
Kelenderis, Type 7.3b
Kelenderis, Type 7.3c
Type 7.3
Denomination: AE Unit
Obverse: Gorgoneion facing; dotted border.
Reverse: Male goat kneeling to right on dotted exergual line, head turned back to left; above goat, KE; dotted border.
Variants: a. obv.: long length snakes around gorgoneion
b. obv.: short or medium length snakes around gorgoneion
c. obv.: medium length snakes around gorgoneion;
rev.: in right field, Sun
References: a. BMC 21, p. 57, 39; Leu Numismatik, Web Auction 11 (22 February 2020), Lot 1013 ( URL)
b. SNG Levante Supp., 12 = Classical Numismatic Group, Mail Bid Sale 66 (19 May 2004), Lot 545 ( URL); Imhoof-Blumer 1902, pp. 454–5, 6–7; Forrer/Weber 3, 7530; several other specimens on the market, e.g. Münzen & Medaillen GmbH, Auction 20 (10 October 2006), Lot 98 ( URL)
c. SNG France 2, 118 ; SNG Levante, 31 = Classical Numismatic Group, Electronic Auction 299 (27 March 2013), Lot 190 ( URL); SNG von Aulock, 5644
Credit (see the references above):
a. Leu Numismatik
b. Classical Numismatic Group
c. Classical Numismatic Group
Remark: On the reverse of Imhoof-Blumer’s coin no. 6, a peculiar pattern can be seen at the 2–5 o’clock position (see ibid, Plate XVII, 17). Imhoof-Blumer notes that this coin is probably an overstrike of a coin depicting a ship’s prora. However, this does not seem likely as the obverse of this coin appears to be without any traces of any underlying image. Since the reverse of the coin is very off-center, it seems likely that this pattern is more of an impression of some pattern or irregularity on the edge of the die. Moreover, this pattern does not correspond to a ship’s prora, as its line is usually curved inwards, whereas in this pattern it is curved outwards.


16 July 2021 – 27 November 2023